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PostHeaderIcon Delight Your Visitors with Special Fall Wedding Favors

Autumn is said to be the most romantic time of the year. Its colder wind and warm, vibrant colors give a boost for couples to fall in love. The orange color symbolizes the fascination and subsequently comes with it the passion to explore and venture to newer boundaries. Red is the color for the burning love of life while the yellows are symbols of energy, promise and knowledge. All these symbolic colors perfectly fit into the idea of marriage as the couple enters into a world that’s more challenging (symbolized by winter) and heartwarming (symbolized by spring and summer).

A lot of couples want to get married during the fall season because it gives them sufficient time to get ready during the earlier part of the year. The season creates a dramatic ambiance for a wedding. That is why autumn themed weddings are starting to be the latest trend. With this idea , fall wedding favors are created to jive with the wedding motif. These wedding favors are usually created like the autumn leaves. Some autumn wedding favors utilize the colors of the season and combine them into their selected tokens.

There are many selections for fall wedding favors. Typically, the items are shaped like leaves or inserted in a leaf-shaped holder. Examples are metallic orange-colored leaf keychains, soaps shaped into leaves, dried leaf bookmarks, leaf wire place card holders, leaf shaped platters, and many more.

Candles are also among the widely used favors for this type of wedding motif. They give the surroundings a more romantic and dramatic feel. There’s only one thing to remember when making a wedding favor for a fall themed wedding, it must contain figures of leaves accompanied with the autumn colors of orange, yellow, red and brown.

This sort of budget wedding motif will not give you any worries since the idea is already there. All you have to do is to use it with your wedding program. Regarding budget concerns, be confident that these autumn items will not put a hole in your pockets. You can always be resourceful and imaginative with your presentation especially when the supplies can just be collected around for free. Make use of the fallen leaves and laminate them into a bookmark, or put them together to make a fan. The sky is the limit to your creativity! These and more will surely put the season and your flaming love to life making you and your guests “FALL” in love!

PostHeaderIcon Tips on Giving the Most Charming Fall Wedding Favors

Although a lot of people consider that summer or winter weddings is the best time, wedding in the fall is the most perfect time to say your I Dos.  Not only is the weather beautiful, but also the atmosphere – with the trees and the autumn leaves falling, this spells one thing – romance .  There are also a lot of fall wedding favors you can choose .  Your creative mind can really go places when you think of the unique wedding favors during this time of the season.

If your budget wedding falls on a perfect autumn day, you have to ensure that you get the best fall wedding favors for your guests .  A great idea would be potpourri made out of the most wonderful autumn leaves around.   You have to choose a good casing for this, better if it would also be autumn inspired, probably a tiny wooden wicker basket.  To add to the potpourri leaves, you can also put scented acorns to make the package more lovely .  Every time your guests smell the potpourri in their homes, they should be reminded of your romantic fall wedding.

If you like wedding favors that are simple and edible, some recommendations would be to give away the perfect seasonal fruits.  Many go for apples, like giving away chocolate glazed apples decorated with fancy icing artwork.  You can also carve these apples into a bride and groom design.  Chocolates would also be great fall wedding favors.  You can design your chocolates with the fall theme, shaping them into seasonal autumn leaves, apples, or maybe even pears.

Candles are also great autumn wedding favors .  You can reshape these candles again into the famous fall fruits like apples and pears.  Even better, if you can look for candles that are molded to look like autumn leaves.

In case you are still not fully convinced with these gift suggestions and you would like something that your guests can use at home, you can give away autumn glass coasters.  You can choose coasters that are made out of wicker material for a more autumn season feel.  If you want glass, pick a design with autumn leaves in it.  There are also several picture frames that would be a great addition to any home.  Picture frames not only last forever but they are also not that expensive .  They are practical favors and the best thing about it is, there are a lot of styles that can suit your perfect fall budget wedding.

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